Committee Chairs

Our Committee chairs are critical to the success of all the programs & events offered by the PTG. We rely solely on volunteers to fill these positions. Read our committee chair descriptions to see if you would be a good fit to chair/co-chair a committee in the future.

  • After School Arts: Vacant
  • Apparel: Mrs. Heaton
  • Chess Club: Ben Downey
  • Citizens Advisory: Kerri Racht
  • Directory: Callie Hendrickson and Ben Downey
  • Ice Cream Social: Sarah Dix/Lindsey Van Cleave
  • Books and Bingo: VACANT
  • Spring Fling: Breanne O’Doherty
  • Green Team: Toni Despasquale-Sharkey
  • Hawk Walk: Denise Downey and Ben Downey
  • Hospitality: Breanne O’Doherty
  • Junior Achievement: Denise Downey and Anna Seaton
  • Monster Mash: Megan Jackson and Sherry Wells
  • Mini-Grants: Ben Downey, Kelsey Buchanan, and Kelly Brajcich
  • Missoula Children’s Theater: Kate Telis
  • Scholastic Book Fair:  VACANT
  • Website: Tyreil Poosri and Ben Downey
  • World Languages: Ashley Boyson
  • Yearbook: Aaron Theisen

Committee Chair Descriptions

After School Arts

Recruitment of Art Teachers – find art teachers that will work well with children and come up with engaging projects. Find teachers with a variety of specialties. Liaison to Art Teachers – work with art teachers to come up with class themes and projects, come up with schedule of classes, work with Mr. Demarest to place classes in classrooms, give new teachers an orientation, and make sure teachers get paid. Liaison to Hutton Parents and Hutton Staff – answer questions parents might have. Communicate location of classrooms to parents and dismissal process, communicate with Express staff, make sure Hutton teachers know there will be an art class in their room and on what days. Registration: post online registration, collect money, determine who gets into what class, send out emails re: which classes students get into.


Send out communications about how to order Hutton apparel. Coordinate between parents and the vendor if there are any concerns and then between parents and the office if any of the orders are presents. Potentially providing design updates/suggestions.

Chess Club

Work with a local Chess Club and the PTG to come in and do an after school instructional class. Distribute sign-up flyers to the classes. Come on the first day to make sure kids know where to go and the Chess teachers have everything they need.

Citizen’s Advisory

Attend the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings and take notes to report back at the PTG general meetings.


Collect all of the directory forms from the office and put together a digital copy of the directory to send off to get printed. Also, upload all of the emails into the PTG gmail contact list.

Family Fun Nights

Organize our four Family Fun Nights which are; Ice-Cream Social, Monster Mash, Books and Bingo and Spring Fling.

Green Team

Guide 5th and 6th graders through the process of adopting a project that will benefit the Hutton Elementary community. Encourage students to ask questions, think creatively, work collaboratively and discover new solutions to challenges. Explore themes that might include improvements to indoor building processes (like recycling) or outdoor projects (like gardening for wildlife benefit or exploring urban ecology). Support teachers by mentoring younger students and securing materials for classroom projects related to sustainability. Enjoy as much outdoor time as possible!

Hawk Walk

Organize our one and only fundraiser of the year. Solicit new and past sponsors to advertise at the event and have their logo on the shirts. Secure several volunteers to work before, after and during the event. Order all the shirts for kids, staff and parents. Distribute the shirts at Hawk Walk. Facilitate the counting of money throughout the fundraiser.


Organizing several staff appreciation luncheons/events throughout the year.

Junior Achievement

Pass out informational flyers to teachers and students on what JA is all about. Solicit volunteers to teach the 6-week course per grade. Work with JA to acquire all of the teaching kits and then distribute to the volunteers. Organize a training for the volunteers.

Mini Grants

Reach out to teachers about their classrooms applying for different grants from the PTG. The kids are encouraged to write the request themselves as an exercise in what grant writing looks like. The committee then goes through the approval process.

Missoula Children’s Theater

Working with the Missoula Children’s Theater by helping them book dates that work for Hutton, finding them a host family and helping them with logistics the week they are here.

Scholastic Book Fair

Working with Scholastic to set-up a book fair the week of conferences. They receive all the shipments and then organize the books, posters, gadgets the library. They also set up a sign-up genius for volunteers to help throughout the week.


Make sure all appropriate announcements regarding school activities, school news, district news and PTG minutes are posted on the Hutton PTG website.

World Languages

They work on getting and securing prior language teachers to teach different languages. They then create a flyer to distribute to the classes. Once all the sign-ups are turned in, they place the students in the different classes. They collect the payments and turn into the Treasurer. On the first several days they make sure the kids know where to go and the teachers have everything they need.


Designing the yearbook, coordinating with Dorian Studios throughout the yearbook process, gathering images throughout the school year via email from all Hutton parents, taking photos at the different events, facilitating the entire ordering process and then distribution of the yearbooks prior to the last few days of the school year.