After School Arts

Each year the PTG offers a 6 week after school arts program (generally scheduled February through mid March). Local art specialists are sourced to teach a variety of classes, such as: drama, drawing, painting, clay, fiber arts and sewing. Past classes have also included making your own board game and story telling through comics.  See below for 2020 information.

Winter 2020:  February 4th – March 12th

The Hutton PTG is happy to announce that we are once again offering after-school art classes!

Classes will run once a week, Tuesday through Thursday, for six weeks.  Classes start at 3:05 and run until 4:15.  Parents picking up their children must be at the school by 4:15.  An activity bus will also be available.

  • Cost of all classes is $42 per student per class. Scholarships are available based on need and can be requested during registration.
  • Please register as soon as possible as class spaces is limited!
  • Please register each child only for one class to ensure spaces are available for as many Hutton students as possible. If additional capacity is available, we will open up the site for further enrollment.
  • If you are unable to register online or have any difficulty with the website registration process, please contact

Volunteers are a huge aid in helping the classes run smoothly.  If you are able to volunteer for all the sessions of a class, please indicate this when you register. Your child’s tuition will be refunded if you are able to volunteer for all sessions. Any other help is always very welcome!

2020 Class Descriptions:

The Art of Clay: This class will teach the fundamentals of shape and texture and how to work with clay.  You’ll be learning hand-building techniques and the basics of construction to create pots and bowls, sculpted animals, relief plaques and more.  You will master pinch-pots, coil, slab, and how to use slip and scoring to make your masterpieces. Instructor:  Carissa Gregg, Corbin Arts

If your child has taken clay in the past, please consider another class this year. Clay is always our first class to fill up and we would like to let other students have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Tuesday        K – 2nd

Thursday      3rd – 6th                 

Artists in the Natural World: Monet loved painting the lily pads in his pond. Emily Carr was inspired by the old growth forests of British Columbia. Rousseau created fantastical pictures of jungle tigers after visiting the Paris botanical gardens and zoo. In this class, we will be looking at artists and their inspiration from the natural world. Cowboy artist CM Russell has big skies and LeRoy Neiman visited Africa to study big cats. We will use oil pastels, paints, drawing materials, paper and glue as we look at these artists and get inspired by their work. Instructors: Amy Chase and Jennifer Schneider

Tuesday               K  – 3rd

Fun With Photography: A fun introduction to photography! Each class will have an informative photography lesson which will have a super fun lab to explore the basic aspects of photography. Photography subjects like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and composition will be explored with a fun project. Instructor:  Jenn Alberts from Jenn Alberts Photography

Special Requirements – Must have a manual adjusting digital camera OR any smartphone or tablet with the app “Procam 7” (cost is $5.99) on it. 

*Please contact me if you are unable to provide this for your child and we can see if we can help. 

**You will have the option of leaving the cameras with me for safe keeping or your child can bring it to and from class each week.

Tuesday                4th – 6th

Animal Art: Students will use various techniques, including drawing, painting and collage to create works of art inspired by their favorite animals. Get ready to be creative! Instructor:  Julie Reichard

Wednesday         1st  – 3rd

There’s A Dragon in this Art Room! Do you love dragons? How about Trolls, Unicorns and other mythological creatures? Come use your imagination, creativity and lots of art supplies to make your very own creatures. You will paint, glue and even sculpt these fantastical art projects! Instructor:  Carissa Gregg, Corbin Arts

Wednesday                        K – 2nd

Drama: Using movement, vocal work, improvisation and creative drama techniques, students will work together as they bring scenes and monologues to life. By the end of the session, each student will be able to recite a monologue and perform a part in a short group play. Parents are invited to attend the last class as a performance.  Instructor:  Amy Clark

Wednesday        5th & 6th

Thursday            3rd & 4th

Realistic to Abstract Self Portraits: Have you ever wanted to un-lock the mystery of how to draw the human face? In this class, we will first learn about the basic proportions of portrait drawing. We will then go on to have fun with those “correct” measurements and see how artists like Wassily Kandinsky (the pioneer of abstract painting) and Pablo Picasso (the father of Cubism) turned those around and looked at the human face in ways the world had never seen before. Instructor:  Liz Bishop  (Liz Bishop is an accomplished local artist who specializes in ceramics. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Whitworth; has exhibited in New York City and the Ambassadors Program in Tunisia, and in various galleries though out the United States.)

“My artwork is a personal journey that is always evolving and moving into spiritual discovery. I believe strongly that art is important to all our lives and it’s the process in being in the moment that enriches oneself.” Instructor:  Liz Bishop

Wednesdays       4th  – 6th

LetteringThis class is a fun way to explore different ways to letter posters, cards, signs and even your own name.  If you enjoy doodling and want to practice incorporating that with different lettering styles, this class is for you!  Students who enjoy practicing their penmanship in an artistic way will enjoy this class.   Instructor: Amy Lytle

Thursday              3rd  – 6th

From Clay to Paint and More!  (Mixed Media)  Students will create mixed media drawings and paint on a real Artist’s canvas. We will also be making small sculptures using air-dry sculpting dough & so much more!  All projects will be inspired by artists from art history. Tresia loves making art and sharing how important it is to use your creative imagination.  Her classes emphasize the process of creating art and having fun.   Instructor: TBD

Thursday              K  – 2nd

For questions or more information email: